Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 3rd November 2016
COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE PRIMARY SCHOOL ON THURSDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2016 AT 7.00pm     Present:  Cllr Cockerton (Chairman), Cllr Haverson, Cllrs Dennis, Cllr Greenwood M Fordham & A Fordham Cllr Williams and Cllr Knowlson. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Mr A Smith (For co-option), one member of the public. 1. Apologies: Cllr Gomes and Wilts Cllr C Howard Absent:  None 2. Chairman’s announcements: The Chairman drew attention to or spoke on the following; WALC AGM.  The Chairman will represent the Council. Tidworth Community Area ‘Our Community Matters’ The Chairman is unable to attend this on the 9th November and requested that another Cllr attend in his place.  Cllrs Dennis and Greenwood agreed to look and see if one of them could attend. PC Representative to the Police.  Given that most of the Police meetings are now to be scheduled to take place during the day the Chairman agreed to replace Cllr A Fordham as the Parish Council Representative to the Police. Parish Council Representative to the Village Hall Trust (VHT).  In order to satisfy the terms of the PBW Loan to the VHT the Parish Council has to have representation on the VHT.   Cllr Cockerton has withdrawn from being the Parish Council Representative to the VHT. Having considered a replacement Cllrs agreed to appoint Cllr Williams as the Parish Council Representative. 3. 39.16  Minutes of the last meeting.  The minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 September 2016 having been previously circulated were agreed as a true record.  Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr Dennis               Agreed nem con 40.16 Matters arising.  None that do not appear on the agenda. 4. 41.16 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests:  None declared. 5. 42.16  Co-Options.  Having considered an application from Mr Adam Smith and having confirmed that he had met the statutory (LGA 1972 Sect 79 & 80) eligibility requirements he was co-opted as a Member of the Council.  Cllr Smith signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office (LGA 1972 Sect 83).  The Clerk informed Smith of the legal requirement to complete a Register Interests Form on Wiltshire Council’s Website within 28 days of signing the Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Williams               Agreed nem con 6. 43.16  Policing Issues.  PCSO Downham reported the following by email:   The Community Policing Team (CPT) model will be rolled-out across Wiltshire Police this autumn, starting with the county of Wiltshire on 17 October 2016 and followed by Swindon on 7 November 2016.  This follows a successful trial of the new model in Trowbridge, Warminster, Bradford on Avon, Westbury, Tisbury, and Mere.  CPT combines Neighbourhood Policing, Response teams and Local Crime Investigators so there is a “one team” approach to community policing. It means there is a bigger team of officers and police staff available to attend incidents and improves communication between teams and departments. It gives the public a better service because issues can potentially be resolved at the first point of contact (101 and 999 call- takers) and provides them with a named officer/police staff member whom they will be able to keep in touch with during the investigation. It also encourages officers and staff to take more “ownership” of cases.  There will be seven Community Policing Teams: Swindon North, Swindon West, Swindon South, Wiltshire North, Wiltshire West, Wiltshire East and Wiltshire South.  Each Community Policing Team will be overseen by a Superintendent and will have an Inspector and a Deputy. The team will be made up of a mix of police officers, community co-ordinators, PCSOs, civilian local crime investigators and Specials.  We will be engaging with the public as the roll-out commences and will welcome feedback about the new model. Please speak to your local officers to find out more about how Community Policing will affect your local area. You can also find out more, including videos and infographics explaining the new model, on our website http://www.wiltshire.police.uk/information/community-policing- pilot .  Our free Community Messaging service will also help keep you updated about policing and crime in your local area https://www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk/ Current Priorities.  Our current priority this month is to focus on Anti Social Behaviour around Dewey’s Lane in Ludgershall particularly in Jubilee Gardens and Ludgershall Castle grounds. Our aim is to deter any Anti Social Behaviour during hours 18.00 – 23.00.  Hare Coursing is still ongoing and a new Policing Priority has been instigated to tackle this. If you have any relevant information or see such activity, please call us.  Community intelligence is crucial for us, so please continue to tell us if there are things of concern going on in your area.    Relevant Serials for October 2016. We have had a small spate of burglaries in Ludgershall where access has been gained to a few shops in Andover Road in Ludgershall and money has been stolen. Collingbourne Kingston has had 1 Burglary, 1 drug offence, 2 criminal damage, 1 public order offence & 1 vehicle offence reported. Local Crimes Collingbourne Ducis has had a burglary reported in October We encourage as many residents from the Village to join Community Messaging (link is above). This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas. The Chairman thanked PCSO Downham for her report. 7. 44.16 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.20pm A Member of the public thanked the Chairman for his active support at the last TAB meeting. Due to a family illness, Wilts Cllr Howard provided the following belated report by email: The site visit by the Planning Inspectorate to Station Yard took place on 20th September, so their decision should be issued shortly.  The discussions with the Department for Transport about improvements to the north-south routes in Wiltshire and neighbouring counties continue. The business case to prove that action is required has been presented to the Minister and is being considered. The meeting reconvened at 7.25pm 8. 45.16  Finance Report:   The Clerk had presented and circulated the Income and Expenditure report along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements, which the Cllrs accepted. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Williams Agreed nem con. The following cheques were noted and/or presented for authorisation as per approved contracts or IAW   Standing Orders: 1571 Collingbourne C of E School (Wildlife Project Grant 8 Sep 16) £500.00 1572 SSE (Recreation Ground Electricity 7 Sep 16) £31.90 (VAT £ 1.51) 1573 Grant Thornton (External Audit fee 16 Sep 16) £240.00 (VAT £40.00) 1574 Playsafty Ltd (Play area inspection 26 Sep 16) £176.40 (VAT 29.40) 1575 Bawden Ltd (Grass Cutting& Bin Emptying 30 Sep 16) £668.88 (VAT £111.48) 1576 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses Oct-Nov 3 Nov 16) £358.93 1577 HM Revenue & Customs (Tax & NI Oct-Nov 16 - 12 Oct 16) £89.80 Proposed by Cllr Haverson seconded by Cllr Gomes Agreed nem con Annual Return.   Cllrs noted Note posting of Audit Completion Notice on 30 Sep 16. Grants.  Having considered request from TCAP for a grant in support of the cost of having a Co-ordinator agreed after a vote to make a grant of 250.00 Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Haverson. Agreed - 6 for, 2 against and 1 abstention. Action Clerk Grass Cutting & Bin Emptying Contract Apr 17- Apr 20.  Cllr Dennis reported that three companies had been invited to tender for the contract and that a notice had been placed on the notice board.  However, only two companies tendered for the contract those being the incumbent Bawden Contracting Services and The Landscape Group.  Cllrs Dennis and Knowlson as directed by the Cllrs met to consider the tenders and reported that Bawden Contracting Services  have  quoted a total of £7645 + Vat which includes the bin emptying contract and that The Landscape Group have quoted a total of £5276 +Vat which includes the bin emptying contract and our RoSPA inspections which will save an additional £150.  Based on these figures and taking into account numerous factors including annual increments, day rates and previous contract delivery history they recommended that based on value for money the Council award the Grass Cutting & Bin Emptying Contract for Apr 17- Apr 20 to The Landscape Group.  Cllrs thanked Cllrs Dennis & Knowlson for scrutinising the tenders and then asked a number of detailed questions before agreeing to award the Grass Cutting & Bin Emptying Contract for Apr 17- Apr 20 to The Landscape Group.  Cllrs directed the Clerk to inform the Landscape Group of its success in winning the contract and the Chairman agreed to write to Bawden Contracting Services to thank them for their delivery of the current contract to date.  Moreover, Cllrs also agreed that Cllr Knowlson and the Clerk were to meet up with the Landscape Group early in the New Year in order to walk the ground with a view to identifying and ironing out any issues before the start of the contract on 1 April 2016. Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Knowlson. Agreed nem con Action:  Chairman, Cllr Knowlson and Clerk FY 17/18.  The Clerk presented the 1st draft of the Budget for FY 17/18 and informed Cllrs that there circa £1417.00 was to be reclaimed at the start of FY 17/18 and that it was unlikely that the Council would receive anything in the way of a Precept Grant from Wilts Council in FY 17/18.  Having the Clerk's comments and discussed the draft in detail Cllrs made a number of amendments and directed the Clerk to feed the amendments into the draft.  Cllrs requested the Chair of  Financial Committee to present a 2nd draft Budget and Precept at the November meeting.  All Cllrs were requested to consider projects and costings for inclusion in the FY 17/18 Budget and to pass the costing to the Clerk for inclusion in the next draft. Action:  Clerk, Chair Finance Committee and all Cllrs 9. 46.16  Property Report:  Play Area Safety inspections.  Cllr Knowlson reported that there were no major areas of concern highlighted in the Annual RoSPA Inspection Report and that he would address the issues raised in the report over time.  The Clerk reminded Cllrs of the requirement for regular monthly checks of the equipment by the Chair of the Property Committee which Cllr Dennis said he would conduct and report his findings to Cllr Knowlson who would produce a monthly report. Action:  Cllrs Knowlson & Dennis. Cllr Haverson left the meeting at 8.45pm Parish Steward Scheme.  Having considered the nomination of a lead Cllr for the Parish Steward Scheme Cllrs agreed to nominate Cllr Knowlson as the Cllr lead for the Parish Steward Scheme but Cllr Cockerton will continue to feed in information for the time being.  Action: Cllrs Knowlson & Cockerton. 10. 47.16 Planning Report:  The Chairman of the Planning Cttee reported that the following Planning Applications had been submitted since the last meeting.  16/08480/FUL - Work to Trees at 3 Bourne Rise. No objections raised. 16/078262/TCA -  Planning Consultation - works to trees in CA at 7 Gilbert's Piece.  No objections raised. 16/00044/FUL - Planning Inspectorate APP/Y3940/W/16/3152974: Land at, SN8 3ED.  Note that the appeal was dismissed. 11. 48.16 Highway Matters: Footpath CD 29.  Cllr Dennis reported that the path has now been cleared of debris, has been treated with weed killer and is now ready to be tarmaced next week. Highways Sub Committee.  Following a verbal report from Cllr Greenwood that was followed by a lengthy and detailed discussion Cllrs agreed that Cllr Greenwood was to draw up a draft list of questions to be sent to the Highways Portfolio Holder at Wilts Council.  Cllr Greenwood agreed to circulate the draft questions  for addition to and comment on by Cllrs and  by Collingbourne Kingston PC Cllrs. Action:  Cllr Greenwood and All Cllrs 12. 49.16  GENERAL MATTERS. Village led Xmas Big Bash.  Cllr Cockerton reported the Village led Xmas Big Bash is to take place on Sun 11 Dec and that the Village Hall has been booked and paid for by donations.  After discussion, Cllrs agreed to give financial support of up to £1100.00 to the event and to nominate Cllr Cockerton as the Council lead.  Financial support is subject to the Council's Standing Orders and Financial Regulations; more over the Council will only make payments against proper invoices and only for payments that have been previously agreed by the Council Lead. No invoices for alcohol will be met and the Council retains the right not to pay an invoice if it considers it inappropriate to do so. Action:  Cllr Cockerton Speed Watch.  This had been discussed and covered in earlier items. Emergency Plan.  As result of Cllr Roper's resignation the Chairman had agreed to investigate the requirement with a view to another Cllr being tasked with drawing up the Emergency Plan.  However due to the Chairman's bout of ill heath the item has not moved on yet but he anticipates it will be actioned by the end of November. Action:  Cllr Cockerton Burial Ground Lighting.  The Chairman reported that grant funding from TAB is not available for this type of project and he is investigating other grant funding lines.  However, this means that most of the 4K allocated to this project is liable to used up. Action:  Cllr Cockerton. Gilberts Piece Footpath Lighting.  The Chairman reported that further his earlier discussions with the Head of the School regarding the Council paying to have the lights lit outside of school hours. The lights concerned are in the approach road to the school, car park and path to the village hall.  The lights are now on from 6.30pm to 10.30pm on a trial basis.  Cllrs directed the Clerk to liaise with the school accountant to find out the cost to the Council and report back at the January meeting. Action: Clerk Village Shop.  The Clerk had previously circulated an email  from an Elector in the Parish requesting that the Council register the Village Shop as an Asset of Community Value.  The Elector has been concerned for some time that village shop and Post office with the reduced offer of product and staffing levels and that the shop had recently been put on the market.   After the request had been circulated to Cllrs the Chairman had an informal chat with the shop owner who has informed him that the shop in not up for sale and that it was placed on an Estate Agent's website in error and that it has been removed from the relevant Estate Agent's website.  Moreover, the owner confirmed to the Chairman that he had no intention to sell the shop or to apply for a change of use.  With this in mind and given that only one elector has made the request the Cllrs agreed to defer this item to the next meeting in order to see if more Electors were prepared to come forward to give support to the request. Complaints.  No complaints were received. 13. 50.16 Date of Next Meeting:  The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 5 January 2017 at 7.00 pm.   The meeting closed at 21.00 pm. Signed: Chairman: