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COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING AT 7.00 pm. ON WEDNESDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2021 Present: Cllrs P Knowlson (Chairman), D Dennis (Vice Chair), P Hartley, J Wood, K Bell and S Batley In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk), Wilts Cllr C Williams, 1. Apologies. Cllrs K Cockerton, S Lyons and L Gomes 1. 55.21. Chairman’s Announcements. The Chairman welcomed everyone. 1. 56.21 Declarations of Interest and dispensation requests. Although not present at the meeting Cllrs S lyons and K Cockerton had previously declared a pecuniary interest in planning application PL/2021/09216. 1. 57.21 Co-Options. None. 1. 58.21 Minutes of the last meeting. Having reviewed the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 9 September 2021 Cllrs RESOLVED to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting and for the Chairman to sign them. 59.21. Matters arising. None that do not appear on the agenda. 1. 60.21 Police Report and Policing Issues. As no police present no report was offered. 1. 61.21 Wilts Councillor Report. Wilts Cllr C Williams reported that Full Council met on Tuesday 19 October. Climate change activists staged a protest before the meeting and at one time the meeting was suspended because of some noisy outbursts by some during a debate on the Climate and Ecology private members bill that is currently at the initial stages of going through Parliament. The motion declared that Wiltshire Council declare its support for the bill and write to all Wiltshire MPs to support it. For various reasons the motion failed, mainly that it was advocating unelected citizens assemblies and that there is already a Climate Bill in the final stages of being approved in Parliament. A full report of the meeting will be found on the Council website when published. Tidworth Area Board meeting will be Monday 22 November and funding is available with nearly £30K of capital funding and £6705 in the health and wellbeing fund. The Health and Wellbeing Group met on the 30 September, and we had an update on the Covid Booster programme from the Castle Practice and a presentation from Warm and Safe Wiltshire which was primarily around advice, guidance and funding. This is especially important now due to the energy crisis and winter approaching. Funding, including help with bills, updating old equipment and even free replacement boilers are available to those you need assistance. There was also a report on a Prevention and Wellbeing Team which will replace the Local Area Coordinators. Previously Tidworth Community was not covered by the Local Coordinators Scheme, but the new Team will cover the whole of the County. The Team will work with individuals on a one-to-one basis but will not get involved in any community groups. I received the following reports from the Enforcement Officer regarding Church Farm and Sunton Farm sites. Church Farm. “With regards to the Church Farm proposed site visit, unfortunately this has been delayed due to annual leave and more pressing work commitments for both myself and my manager. I am currently awaiting a date to be confirmed with my manager for the visit to take place. Please rest assured once we have visited, I will ensure you are updated accordingly on our position in relation to the current activities taking place on the land.” Sunton Farm “I have now been able to visit the above premises to assess the alleged unauthorised business activity taking place. I can confirm, based on the information obtained during the visit and discussions with the owner of the premises, there is no evidence of any business activity taking place at the premises in relation to the motor garage MSC Ludgershall. It was evident that the premises is being used solely for the storage of the owner’s personal car collection and that he undertakes work on the cars contained within the barn himself but for no commercial or financial gain. The current use of the premises for the storage of personal vehicles is considered to be a change of use for which planning permission is required and as no such permission has been obtained, it constitutes a breach of planning control in its own right; however, after discussion with my manager, it has been agreed that as planning permission has been granted for the redevelopment of the site under 20/03688/FUL (which includes permission for the identified premises to be used as ancillary domestic storage, including the storage of personal vehicles), it would not be considered expedient to pursue any further enforcement action at this time. I have received confirmation from the owner of the site that the above planning permission is due to be implemented on the site imminently. It is my intention to re-contact the owner in 6 months’ time to check on the progress of this and at that point, if the permission has not been implemented and the unauthorised use of the barn for personal storage of vehicle remains, our department will then re-assess our position in this regard.” Covid 19 Covid cases remain high in Wiltshire so please take all the necessary precautions and encourage everyone to get the first and second doses of the vaccine and the booster when offered. If you have Covid symptoms, then book a test and self-isolate immediately. The Chairman thanked Wilts Cllr Williams for his report 1. Adjournment for public comments/questions: 7.15pm. Mrs J Cockerton reported the following by emailThe book exchange continues to be well used, with a steady trickle of books in and out. As we have quite a stash of books that will not fit on the shelves, we have a monthly changeover to keep things fresh. Books for children remain a bit scarce so they are always welcome. Occasionally we are given books that we really cannot use because they are falling apart, defaced (or even partly eaten by mice) but the majority are in good condition. Excess books that have been on the shelves for a long time without being borrowed are given to the National Trust bookshop in Avebury. There was one isolated incident of a book being torn up and scattered around and the jug of flowers from the top shelf has disappeared but, generally, the exchange is treated with respect. The two large flowerpots have been replanted for the winter and the two troughs will be removed on our return and replanted with bulbs ready for the spring. The Chairman Thanked Mrs Cockerton for her report. The meeting reconvened at 7.20pm 1. 62.21 Finance Report. The Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report for August along with Bank Reconciliations. produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements. Cllrs Members noted the report and reconciliations. The following Bills and cheques were presented and authorised for payment: DD EDF (Recreation Gd Electric 1 Sep 21) £.8.00 (VAT £0.38) 1913 Idverde Ltd (Idverde Ltd Gds Maint & Bins 24 Sep 21) £559.68 (VAT £93.28) 1914 P Gill (Clerk’s Sal & Exps 8 Oct 21) £408.77 1915 HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE 8 Oct 21) £93.20 DD PWLB (Loan Interests 30 Sep 21) £1328.13 DD EDF (Recreation Gd Electric 1 Oct 21) £.8.00 (VAT £0.38) 1916 Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA Inspection 12 Oct 21) £193.80 (VAT £32.30) 1917 P Hartley (Wreath 21 Oct 21) £30.00 1918 Idverde Ltd (Grass & bins, Sunton Cut, Mile Stonework 22 Oct 21) £957.04 (VAT £159.50) 1919 The Courier (Road Safety Flyer 1 Nov 21) £25.00 1920 Hugh Harris T/A Fresh Air Fitness (Spare Parts 13 Oct 21) £65.82 (VAT £10.98) Having considered the bills and cheques presented above Cllrs RESOLVED to and authorise them for payment. Action: Clerk Projects. To receive and consider updates on progress and quotes on the following projects. Bus Shelter. Cllr Batley reported that due to pressures of work he had been unable to take this project forward. However, he is now in a much better position to move the project forward with the assistance of Cllr Dennis. Moreover, he has replied to a question from a resident regarding the Bus Shelter project. Action: Cllrs Batley & Dennis Bank Signatory. Having considered making Cllr Hartley a signatory on the bank account Cllrs RESOLVED to make Cllr P Hartley a signatory on the bank account. Action: Clerk Grant Requests. St Andrew’s Church. Having considered a grant request from St Andrews Church PPC for the cleaning and repair of the Church Clock and having received answers to questions regarding VAT, the Amount raised at the Church Fete and the level of Church Reserves Cllrs RESOLVED to donate £1000.00 to St Andrews Church PCC specifically for the cleaning and repair of the Church Clock with the condition that the PPC provide an invoice showing that the donation is being used for the cleaning and repair of the Church Clock prior to the donation being passed to the Church PPC. (Post meeting Note. The PPC is not sure if the cleaning and repairs will be conducted in this FY and if that becomes the case the Clerk will put a £1000.00 budget line in the Council’s FY 22/23 Budget.) Action: Clerk and St Andrews PCC 1. 63.21 Planning Report: PL/2021/09128. Proposed works to trees in a conservation area Crown lift & reduce - 1 x Walnut tree 4 x Hazel trees & 1 x Cherry tree at KERRI, Sunton SN8 3DZ. PL/2021/09137. Proposed works to trees in a conservation area Chestnut tree - crown lift & reduce at Island House, Sunton SN8 3DZ. PL/2021/09798. Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area T1 - Cherry tree - remove overhanging limbs T2 - Cherry tree - fell 90 SUNTON, SN8 3DZ. PL/2021/0982. Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area Ash tree - 30% reduction 2 BOURNE RISE SN8 3HG. PL/2021/09859. Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area 2 X Fir trees - fell 1 x Holly tree - reduce by 30% SHERBOURNE, SUNTON, SN8 3DZ. Having considered these applications Cllrs RESOLVED not to raise any comments. Action: Cllr Gomes PL/2021/09216. Proposed works to trees in a conservation area T1 - Silver Birch - Fell to ground level. G2 - Mixed species group consisting of mainly Ash trees on top of bank - Fell to ground level all trees. Retain mature Sycamore, small Cypress and other small Hawthorns. Fell all Ash and two tall Cypress on right of group when looking from Bourne Works side. G3 - Silver Birches and Cypress hedge - Fell to ground level Cypress hedge. Crown reduce and reshape row of three Silver Birches by 3m. G4 - Cypress hedge - Fell to ground level at Bourne Works High Street, Collingbourne Ducis, SN8 3EQ. Having previously considered this application had Cllrs RESOLVED to comment as follows: “Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council has no objection to the planned works on T2, but we do have concerns about significant reductions and felling of G2, G3 and G4 which will have a detrimental impact on the conservation area. Action: Cllr Gomes PL/2021/09463. Proposed works to trees in a conservation area Fell - 13 x Fir trees; 1 x Willow tree; 1 x Maple tree & 1 x Walnut tree at Sunton House, Sunton, SN8 3DY. Having previously considered this application Cllrs RESOLVED to comment as follows: “Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council does not object to the felling of the Fir Trees. We do object to the felling of the Willow, the Ash and the Maple. Their felling will have a detrimental effect on the character and appearance of this particular part of the Conservation Area, and, as a result, contravenes Part II of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. Action: Cllr Gomes 1. 64.21 Property Report. Communal Play Areas. The Clerk reported that that between late last Friday afternoon and midmorning yesterday someone vandalised an Elder tree in Collingbourne Ducis Burial Ground which sits within a designated Conservation Area. The tree was hacked down, and the arisings dumped close to a row of new graves. The matter has been reported to the Police as a crime and to Wilts Council Planning Enforcement Department as a possible breach of Planning Regulations. The Clerk is to report back once there is a response from the Police and Wilts Council Action: Clerk Cllr Knowlson reported that the Annual RoSPA Inspection Report had been received and following discussion Cllrs RESOLVED that: At the Recreation Ground: Tables cleaning and minor repairs – To be actioned in the Spring. Action: Cllr Knowlson Ends of Bolts to be cut off from the rear of repaired benches – Contractor to be tasked. Action: Clerk Missing Signage– Cllr Knowlson to conduct an audit of the missing signage and to report back to the Council. Action: Cllr Knowlson At The Knapp Residents need to determine what they want from the play area. Cllr Hartley to engage with residents and report back in due course. Action: Cllr Hartley War Memorial. Cllr Dennis reported that he placed the order and that the only issue was that the painting can only be done when the temperature was above 10 o centigrade. After discussion and noting that this years’ service was to take place in Collingbourne Kingston it was agreed that the work should be left to the spring but to be completed in this FY. Action: Cllr Dennis Church Farm (AKA Bales Yard). This item had been addressed earlier in the meeting at item 61.21. Defibrillator. Cllr Wood reported that he had spoken to a local business regarding locating a defibrillator on their property but has yet to receive a definitive response. Action Cllr Wood Milestone on the A346. Cllr Hartley reported that the cutting back the vegetation had taken place and after discussion Cllr Bell volunteered to take on the task of cleaning up the milestone and maintaining the surrounding area. Action: Cllr Bell 12. 65.21 Fatal Accident on A338. Cllr Knowlson reported that the Council’s list of actions arising from the discussion of this item at the previous meeting had now been actioned. Item closed. 12. 66.21 Speed Watch. Cllr Hartley reported that the team was up and running and that the team had conducted its first 2 week stint during which 40 vehicles had been recorded as speeding. would be sharing speed watch equipment with Collingbourne Kinston (CK) on a 2-week rotation. As a result of the fatal accident on the A338 and following a request from a villager a further speed watch location has be identified in the area of the Church Bends looking up towards The Knapp. There is still a requirement for more volunteers to staff the speed watch equipment. After discussion Cllrs RESOLVED that a metro count be requested on the A346. Action: Cllr Hartley 12. 67.21. Xmas Big Brunch. Cllr Bell reported that everything was in hand other than the advertising of the event. Action: Cllr Bell 12. 68.21 Overgrown Vegetation and Hedges Along the A338. Having considered a previously circulated letter drafted by Cllr Hartley to be sent to all the relevant hedge owners asking them to ensure that they cut their hedges back to allow free passage along the Footpaths and Pathways and to allow clear lines of sight along the A338 and clear visibility of speed and warning signs Cllrs RESOLVED to endorse the letter as drafted and that Cllr Hartley was to arrange distribution of the letter. Action: Cllr Hartley 12. 69.21 Accessibility and Publishing Guidelines. Cllr Cockerton reported by email that the website is currently non-compliant as pdf created documents are non-compliant, but word ones are. In the future could he have anything to go up as a word document please. It also appears using colour is a bit of an issue especially text. He also needs to check with Inmotion compatibility of the hosting. This will take some time to sort out and will not happen till he gets back from Canada. Moreover, he will inform the Council when the website is compliant. Cllrs noted the report. 12. 70.21. Complaints. None received. 12. 71.21 Resignation of Chairman. The Chairman confirmed that for personal reasons he was standing down with immediate effect. The Clerk then explaining the process for electing a new Chairman. As Cllr Hartley was the only nomination Cllrs RESOLVED to elect Cllr Hartley as the Chairman of the Parish Council. Cllr Hartley then took the Chair and Cllrs RESOLVED to thank Cllr Knowlson for his exemplary leadership and dedication during his tenure as Chairman. 12. 72.21 The next meeting was confirmed as starting at 7.00 pm. on Thursday 6 January 2022. The meeting closed at 21.10.pm Signed: Chairman: Date:
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