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Welcome to Collingbourne Ducis on the North East corner of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, U.K.
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Collingbourne Ducis Accounts for 2020 - 21 can be found by following the link
Data Protection Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council recognises its responsibility to comply with the Data Protection act 2018. The Act regulates the use of personal data and affects all authorities. It acknowledges the rights of individuals over data that is held and used by Councils. Please follow these links to find further information on how Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council treats your data:
The council has drawn up a list of useful contacts which should help cover any emergency.
The council has a covid and imformation page which has news, advice to get you safely through these dificult times.
The next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 10th March 2022 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall.
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Council’s current financial situation.
The minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on Thursday 6th January 2022 .
Current finances Current finances
Collingbournes Chute and Everleigh Link Scheme is back serving the community. The Link Scheme was unable to operate during the height of the coronavirus, because many of our drivers are over seventy, and are in the 'vulnerable' category, which meant that they had to stay at home. However, since the beginning of June we are back in action, and are abe to transport people to the doctor, the hospital, shopping, or most other places. Also, a break in operations such as we have just had means several people have dropped out from the occasional driving role, so we do need more volunteers. If you feel you can help the less mobile members of our community it would greatly help our Link Scheme to continue its help for people in our parishes to get to their appointments In the first instance please contact Gerry Hooper who is the scheme chairman at
Parish  Council Minutes Parish  Council Minutes
Your Parish Council needs your support. If you wish to help to manage and take the parish forward or feel strongly about an issue and want changes please contact the Parish Clerk to let him know you are interested. We currently have 2 vacancies on the council open for co- option. The council supports the Community Speed Watch team which has recently started but needs much more support from the community as there are only 8 team members currently. If you feel you can help please contact Paul Hartley who is the scheme co-ordinator at Paul.Hartley@Collingbourne-
Don’t delay seeking medical help because of coronavirus People living in Wiltshire are being advised not to let worries about coronavirus stop them asking for medical help for themselves or their children if they become ill, have a serious accident or have a concern about their health.  They are also being warned that not seeking medical help for symptoms that could be the early warning signs of serious conditions such as cancer could be putting lives at risk. Full details Full details
Accessibilty and the council. The Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council has an accessibility policy which can be found by following the link.
Accessibility Statement Accessibility Statement
Living in a cold home can be bad for your health. Consistently low temperatures in your home may exacerbate existing health issues (particularly respiratory and cardiovascular conditions) and make it harder for you to recover from illnesses. It can cause you and your family to feel miserable at home, affecting concentration, dexterity and mental health. Wiltshire Council has been working to address these issues and make it easier for people struggling to heat their home to a healthy, comfortable temperature to access free advice and support.
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Don’t suffer a cold home