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Diary of events 2017  
  1st 11am Cluster Holy Communion Service, St. Mary's, Collingbourne Kingston. (no service at St Andrew’s) 8th 11am Family Service, St. Andrew’s, Collingburne Ducis 12th 7:30pm Collingbourne Kingston WI talk “Upcycle/Recycle” by Terry Greenwood, Kingston Village Hall 15th 6pm Evensong, St. Andrew’s, Collingburne Ducis 19th 12 noon Save the Children Soup Lunch, Kingston Village Hall 22nd 9am Holy Communion (BCP), St. Andrew’s, Collingburne Ducis 26th 7.30pm Collingbournes and Everleigh Gardening Club AGM followed by a talk by Darell Moulton, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall 27th 7:30pm “Absolutely Fabulous” movie, The Film Place, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall 29th 10:330am Team Service of Confirmation to be led by the Bishop of Ramsbury, St. Mary's, Collingbourne Kingston
3rd 8pm  The AGM of Collingbournes  and Everleigh Magazine Association, which produces the Courier, Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall 5th See Church noticeboard                                                                                                                                  9th 7pm WI talk ‘Bless this Child’ given by Val Proctor, Kingston Village Hall                                                           12th 11am Family Service, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                17th Cricket Club Quiz, Ducis Village Hall                                                                                                            19th 9:30 Holy Communion, St Mary’s Church, Collingbourne Kingston                                                             19th 6pm Evensong, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                         20th 7pm Burbage & District Model Railway Club, Legion Hall, Burbage                                                            23rd 7:30pm Gardening Club talk on ‘Delphiniums & Daffodils’ given by Keith Boxall, Ducis Village Hall           24th 7:30pm Bridget Jones’s Baby, The Film Place, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                                           26th 9:30 Holy Communion, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                              26th 6pm Evensong, St Mary’s Church, Collingbourne Kingston
3rd 7pm Celebration of Canon Alan Deboo, St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston                                                 6th 1am Collingbournes Cricket Club v Swindon United Churches, Collingbourne Recreation Ground           6th 10am CRUK Coffee morning & plant sale, Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall                                         7th 9:30am Matins,St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston                                                                                        7th 1:30pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Aldbourne,Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                11th 7pm Annual Parish meeting followed by Parish Council meeting, Collingbourne School                         12th 6pm Starters & Pudding Festival, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                                                         13th 7pm WI meeting, Kingston Village Hall                                                                                                    13th 1am Goatacre 2nds v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away                                                                            14th 11am Family Service, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                    14th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Ramsdell, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                            18th Bishops Cannings v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away                                                                   20th 1am Collingbournes Cricket Club v Keevil, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                    20th 7:30pm Gardening Club Annual Plant sale, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                                  21st 9:30am Holy Communion, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                             21st 2pm Village Freehouse v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away                                                          25th Avebury v Collingbournes Cricket Club,  Away                                                                                  27th 1am Seagry v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away                                                                               28th 6pm Evensong, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                               28th 2pm Upper Clatford v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away
1st 7pm Ashing Service, St Mary’s Church, Collingbourne Kingston                                                             5th 9:30am Matins, St Mary’s Church, Collingbourne Kingston                                                                       8th 7.30pm WI versus Collingbourne Ducis in short mat bowls, Ducis Village Hall                                     12th 11am Family Service, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                        15th 7:30pm Burbage & District Video & Camera Club, Legion Hall, Burbage                                            17th Cricket Club Quiz, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                                                                             19th 6pm Evensong, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                  26th 9:30 Holy Communion, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                      23rd 7:30pm Gardening Club talk on ‘The Gardens of Versailles by Nathalie Mignotte, Kingston Village Hall                 26th Start of British Summer Time (BST), Remember to put your clocks forward by an hour.                    31st  7pm for 7:30pm A Street Cat Named Bob, The Film Place, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall
2nd 1pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Heytesbury & Sutton Veny, Collingbourne Recreation Ground              3rd 1.30pm Avon Valley Away                                                                                                                                 3rd 6pm Evensong,St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                             9th 11am Collingbournes Cricket Club v Presidents XI, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                10th 1.30pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Great Bedwyn, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                          14th 7;30pm WI talk “Labrador Rescue/Porky Pooches” by LillianHopton, Kingston Village Hall 17th 11am Family Service, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis 17th 1pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Keevil,Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                                                                                                                                   16th 6.30pm Youth & Club Presentation Night                                                                                                          18th 7pm Burbage & District Model Railway Club, British Legion Hall, Burbage                                                     20th 7.30pm Burbage & District Video& Camera Club,  British Legion Hall, Burbage                                          20th Start  of the short mat bowls season, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                                                        22nd 6 - 9pm Harvest Supper, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                                                                                  23rd 11am Wicket renovation/Winter Prep                                                                                                                      24th 9am Holy Communion , St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                             24th 1pm Cricket Club v Kennett Valley Away                                                                                                      28th 7.30 Collingbournes & Everleigh Gardening Club talk by Lois Phillips entitled “Down to Earth” Kingston Village Hall                                                                                                                                                           29th 7.30pm The Film Place presents “Viceroy’s House” Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall 30th 11am - 3pm Garage sale in aid of Parkinson’s at 109 Cadley Road.
June 1st 7;30pm WI talk “A Victorian Garden” by Dr Francis Burroughs, Kingston Village Hall                                  1st 6pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Avon Valley, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                        3rd 1pm Wroughton Wranglers Away                                                                                                                   4th 9:30am Matins,St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston                                                                                          4th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v St Marybourne, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                           8th General Election Polling Day                                                                                                                      10th 1pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Potterne 3rds, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                              10th 2 - 5pm Collingbourne Kingston Fun Day                                                                                                 10th 7pm - 1130pm Summer Party, Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall                                                              11th 11am Family Service, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                             11th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Potterne, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                            17th 1:pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v White Horse Away                                                                                 18th 6pm Evensong, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                      18th 2pm Ramsbury v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away                                                                                  22nd 6pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Avon Valley Away,                                                                              24th  1:pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Chippenham 2nds, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                   24th 2pm St Andrews Church Summer Fete, The Vicarage, Collingbourne Ducis                                             25th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Shalbourne Away,                                                                              30th 9:30am Holy Communion, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis
1st 7:30 Rural Arts Wiltshire presents Lost Tales of Wiltshire, Kingston Village Hall                                   2nd 9:30 am Matins, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                                  9th 1:30am Collingbournes Cricket Club v Burbage, Collingbourne Recreation Ground.                              9th 11pm Family Service, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                          13th 7pm WI Open meeting Aniques Road Show (bring a ceramic item if you wish), Kingston Village Hall             13th 7:30pm Last Supper, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                      14th 10pm Good Friday Walk of Witness, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis to St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston                                                                                                                                   14th 11pm approx Good Friday Service followed by Hot Cross Buns                                                                15th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Farley, Collingbourne Recreation Ground.                                               16th 9:30 Easter Day Family, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                               16th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Dinton, Collingbourne Recreation Ground.                                            19th 7:30pm Burbage & District Video & Camera Club, Royal British Legion Hall, Burbage                               21st 10 - 12am Coffee Morning and Bring & Buy Sale, Brunton House, Collingbourne Kingston                      22nd 1am Marlborough v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away.                                                                            23rd 1:30am Collingbournes Cricket Club v Erlestoke & Coulston, Collingbourne Recreation Ground.             23rd 6pm Evensong followed by Annual Meetings, St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                       25th 2pm Collingbournes, Chute & Everleigh Link Good Neighbour Scheme AGM, Kingston Village Hall       27th 7:30pm Gardening Club talk on ‘Aspects of Herbs’ by Linda Warren, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall    28th  7pm for 7:30pm ‘A United Kingdom’, The Film Place, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall                       29th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v White Horse, Collingbourne Recreation Ground.                                               30th 2pm Christian Malford v Collingbournes Cricket Club , Away                                                                      30th 9:30 Cluster Service, St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston
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5th 1pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Wroughton Wranglers, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                   6th 11am Cluster Famly Service,St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston                                                                  6th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Steeple Langford,Collingbourne Recreation Ground                          10th 7;30pm WI talk “The Tudor Period” by Dr Nicholas Henderson, Kingston Village Hall                             12th  1pm Away Potterne 3rds v Collingbournes Cricket Club                                                                                       13th 11am Cluster Famly Service,St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                                         13th 1pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Longparish, Collingbourne Recreation Ground                                    20th 9:30am Cluster Holy Communion,St Mary’s Collingbourne Kingston                                                       20th 2pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Brightwell Cum Sotwell, Away                                                           26th 1:pm Collingbournes Cricket Club v Chippenham 2nds Away                                                                  27th 1am Cluster Holy Communion , St. Andrew’s Church, Collingbourne Ducis                                             27th 1:30pm Mildenhall v Collingbournes Cricket Club, Away
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