© Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council 2020
COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL YOU ARE SUMMONED TO ATTEND THE A MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL TO BE HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS VILLAGE HALL ON THURSDAY 5 MARCH 2020 AT 7.00 pm AGENDA 1. APOLOGIES. 2. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS & SHORT TALK BY HELEN VASS SEN CUSTOMER & COMMUNITY ADVISOR. Chair 3. 66.19 MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council Parish held 2 Jan 20 67.19 Matters arising – for information only 4. 68.19 DISCLOSURE(S) OF INTEREST AND GRANTING OF DISPENSATIONS To receive any declaration of interest by a member in relation to matters to be considered at this meeting, as defined by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council on 12 July 2012 in accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider requests for dispensations. 5. 69.19 CO-OPTION. To note Cllr Bamford’s resignation and to consider co-option applications as received. 6. 70.19 POLICING ISSUES 7. 71.19 ADJOURNMENT FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS/QUESTIONS 8. 72.19 FINANCE REPORT Chairman To receive report from Committee Meetings held since the last full PC Meeting and consider any Recommendations made. To note cheques issued since the last meeting and authorise bills and cheques for payment: 1804 K Cockerton (Xmas Big Brunch reimbursement 6 Jan 20) £543.50 (VAT £5.71) Bank Transfer P Gill (Stamps 2 Jan 20) £14.64 1806 P Gill (Clerk's Salary & Expenses 9 Jan 20) £401.58 1807 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE 9 Jan 20) £88.60 1808 T Greenwood (Plants for War Memorial 6 Nov 19) £30.99 (VAT £5.17) 1809 P Gill (Printer Cartridges 9 Jan 20) £28.00 (VAT £4.67) 1810 Idverde (Grounds Maint & Bench Repairs £1011.47 (VAT £168.58) 1811 P Gill (Clerk's Salary & Expenses 10 Feb 20) £401.58 1812 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE 10 Feb 20) £88.60 1813 JRC Cleaning (Bus Shelters 19 Feb 20) £28.00 (VAT £4.67) Projects. To receive a report from Cllr Hartley. Accessibility Regulations 2019. To receive report from Cllr Cockerton and to consider the financial impact and other areas that may be impacted by the Accessibility Regulations 2019. Grants requests. To consider request as received. 9. 73.19 PLANNING REPORT Planning Chairman Receive report and consider Planning Applications. 19/11351/FUL. Extensions to existing village hall comprising of store room, main hall and porch extension to main entrance. 20/00939/TCA Application for Work to Trees in a Cons Area. Leylandii - Remove to small stump Red Cedars, Sunton SN8 3DZ. Application for work to in a Cons Area – Remove 1 x Rowan and 1 x Sycamore to small stumps at Red Cedars Sunton SN8 3DZ. 10. 74.19 PROPERTY REPORT Play Area Inspections. To consider routine inspection reports as received. Village Gates. To receive an update from Cllr Knowlson on the installation of further Village Gates. Knapp Play Area. To receive update from Cllr Batley on his discussion with Aster Housing Association. War Memorial. To receive report from Cllr Knowlson and consider quotes for repairs noting that the War Memorial is now a Grade 2 listed Building. Grass & Bins Schedule. To consider a report from Cllrs Dennis and Cockerton the accuracy of the grass & Bins schedule. Storage Facility. To considering installing a storage facility at the Recreation Ground 11. 75.19 HIGHWAY MATTERS. Paths & ROW. To Receive a report from Cllr Knowlson on "The Paths for All". To consider the lighting on the footpath from Gilberts Piece up to the recreation ground. Parish Steward Scheme. To receive a report from Cllr Cockerton on works carried out since the last meeting and future tasks. Cadley Road Traffic Calming. To receive update from Cllr Knowlson on the "virtual footpath." Speedwatch. To receive an update from Cllr Hartley. New Visitor Attraction on Salisbury Plain. To consider the potential impact on the village of a new visitor attraction on Salisbury Plain. Lead Cllr Hartley. 12. 76.19 GENERAL MATTERS. Chairman Emergency Plan. To receive an update from Cllr Cockerton on the possible development of an Emergency Plan for the village and to appoint a lead Cllr. Complaints. To consider complaints as received. 13. 78.19 DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Confirm as Thursday 7 May 2020 following the Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 7.00pm Philip Gill Parish Clerk 28 Feb 2020 Note: Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Crime & Disorder, Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Freedom of Information, Health & Safety and Human Rights.