© Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council 2018
  COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS PARISH COUNCIL YOU ARE SUMMONED TO ATTEND THE A MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL TO BE HELD IN COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS VILLAGE HALL ON TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018 AT 7.00 pm AGENDA 1. APOLOGIES. 2. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS.              Chair 3. 42.18  MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – Minutes of the Parish Council Parish Council Meetings held on 6 September  and 1 October 2018. 43.18 Matters arising – for information only requests for dispensations. 4. 44.18  DISCLOSURE(S) OF INTEREST AND GRANTING OF DISPENSATIONS To  receive any declaration of  interest by a member in relation to matters to be considered at this meeting, as defined by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council on 12 July 2012 in accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider requests for  dispensations. 5. 45.18  CO-OPTION.  To consider applications received. 6. 46.18  POLICING ISSUES 7. 47.18 ADJOURNMENT FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS/QUESTIONS 8. 48.18 FINANCE REPORT Chairman To receive report from Committee Meetings held since the last full PC Meeting and consider any Recommendations made. To note cheques issued since the last meeting and authorise bills and cheques for payment: 1707 P Gill (Storage Boxes 10 Sep 18) £12.00 (VAT £2.00) 1709 Idverde Ltd (Grounds maintenance and Bins 30 Sep 18) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1710 Mr P Gill (Clerk's Sal & Exps Sep 18) £383.09 1711 HMRC (Clerk's PAYE & Council's NI Sep 18) £96.00   BS09 DD.  Public Works Loan Interest 1 Oct 18) £1328.13 1712 Mr P Gill (Tesco Paper & Envelopes 3 Oct 18) £7.00 (VAT £1.17) 1713 Playsafety Ltd (Annual RoSPA Insp of Play Areas & Eqpt 8 Oct 18) £176.40 (VAT £29.40) 1714 T Greenwood (War Memorial Maintenance 1 Oct 18) £60.00 1715 The Courier (Flyer Printing 15 Oct 18) £30.00 1716 T Greenwood (Plants for War Memorial 11 Sep 18) £34.58 (VAT £5.77) 1717 T Greenwood (Tree & Accessories WW1 Commemoration 14 Sep 18)  £41.75 (VAT £6.96) Note Receipt of payment of Public Works Loan Interest from CD VH Trust £1328.13 War Memorial Repairs.  To consider quotes for repairs to the War Memorial. Defibrillator.  To consider purchasing a defibrillator. Grants requests.  To consider requests as received. 9. 49.18  PLANNING REPORT Planning Chairman Receive report and consider Planning Applications. 18/08305/OUT Planning Application Erection of a detached dwelling and detached garage (Outline application in relation to access) at Land North of 7 West Farm Close. 18/09658/FULProposed single carport at 3- Ailesbury Cottages, Church Street. 18/08304/FUL.  Demolition of garages and erection of two dwellings and associated works. Garage site adjacent 22 Saxon Rise, 10. 50.18 PROPERTY REPORT Chairman Play Area Inspections.  To consider the annual RoSPA Play Safety Inspection Reports. Bench Repairs. To receive report from Cllrs Knowlson & Dennis on the repairs to the two benches on the edge of the Recreation Ground. War Memorial.  To receive report from Cllr Dennis and consider quotes for repairs noting that the War Memorial is now a Grade 2 listed Building. 11. 51.18  HIGHWAY MATTERS. Parish Steward Scheme.  To receive update from Cllr Greenwood on works carried out since the last meeting and future tasks. Highways Sub Committee.  Consultation of the Proposed Speed and Weight Limits.  To receive update from Cllr Greenwood on the draft a letter he was to circulate to the Cllrs for comment with the final version was to go out under the Chairman's signature. Footpath CD 29.  To receive update from Cllr Dennis and Cllr Knowlson on repairs quotes and discussions with Wilts Council regarding how much it may contribute to the cost of the repairs. Cadley Road Traffic Calming.  To consider what traffic calming measures would be appropriate and cost effective. Speed Indicator Devices (SID).  To receive update from Cllr Dennis on the purchase of a SID and the possible joint purchase with Kingston PC of a separate SID. 12. 52.18  GENERAL MATTERS. Chairman . Village Gates.  To receive an update from Cllr Knowlson on the purchase of Village Gates.   Xmas Big Brunch.  To receive an update from Cllr Millar. Future Projects for FY 19/20.  To receive an update from Cllr Hartley and to consider projects for FY 19/20 and beyond. Electoral Review.  To consider the impact on the village of Wilts County's proposal on the new Division boundaries. Complaints.  To consider complaints as received. 13. 53.18 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Confirm as Thursday 3 January 2019. Philip GillParish Clerk 22 Oct 18 Note:  Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions:  Crime & Disorder, Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Freedom of Information, Health & Safety and Human Rights.