MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING HELD ON THURSDAY 9 MAY 2019 Present: P Knowlson (Chairman), Cllr P Hartley (Vice Chairman), Cllr L Gomes, Cllr T Greenwood, Cllr D Dennis, Cllr K Cockerton, Mr D Crossman (Headteacher Collingbourne School), PCSO A Jones (Wilts Constabulary), Wilts Cllr I Blair-Pilling and Mr P Gill (Clerk). Apologies for absence: Cllrs R Haverson Mr D Paterson (Chair, Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall Trust, Mr G Hooper (Collingbournes, Chutes & Everleigh Link Scheme) 1. Annual Report of the Parish Council. Cllr P Knowlson, Chair, presented the following report: Welcome all to what is the last meeting of the council for the year financial year 2018/19. The council remains in a good financial position, more details to follow from The Clerk later. This has
now been my second year as chair of the Parish Council, I would like to thank the Cllrs and our Parish Clerk for the help and support over this last year. This year we have seen a change in our
Cllrs with the recent resignation of Ken Millard and the much-welcomed return to the Parish Council of Keith Cockerton. The Parish Council now stands at 7 members including myself which leaves 4 positions available, which as a Parish Council we need to look forward at different ways of how we can attract more people to get involved. I would like to thank the villagers who have
also supported two of our annual events The Christmas Brunch and the Village Spring Clean. The 4 th annual Christmas brunch was again a great success with over 100 villagers attending which is a lovely way to enter the festive period. The Village Spring Clean saw over 30 people turn out of all ages to help pick up litter and keep our village looking clean. This year the Parish Council
decided to send out an on-line survey with a suggestion of projects the Parish Council could investigate over the next year and beyond. Over 70 villagers completed the on-line voting survey and
top of the list was for the village to have some Outdoor Gym Equipment. Cllr Hartley has been running with this project and now has confirmation of equipment and prices and we have decided
on the location of the equipment at the recreation ground near the skate board ramps. Cllr Hartley has been looking into the opportunity of grants to help assist this project of which we currently have an opportunity of funding based on number of people voting for our scheme via the Calor Rural Community Fund. The Village Gates are finally happening. This has taken longer than it
should have for many reasons for which I apologise, however the Gates and some new signage are proposed to be installed by Wiltshire CC contractors at the end of May. The Parish Council managed to secure partial funding for the gates via Wiltshire CC which means the Parish pays the remaining £4k (on budget). The Parish Council now has sourced two new defibrillators for the village. The first defibrillator paid for by the Parish Council was installed in June last year on the outside wall of the village hall. This has been registered with South West Ambulance services so they know the location of the device if required. The Second Defibrillator which we obtained with full funding via the Scottish & Southern Electric Resilient Communities Fund is due to be installed on the wall of Sarsen Energy, located in the Garlands Trading Estate off Cadley Road. Thank you to Ann and John Barber-Starkey for allowing the installation on the outside of their premises. Finally, this year also saw the Parish Council getting involved with the World War 1 Armistice commemoration which was a joint village event (Ducis, Kingston & Everleigh) lead by David Pattison (Chairman of CD Village Hall). The Parish Council purchased a memorial Walnut tree that was planted with a plaque at Collingbourne Ducis recreations ground. Cllr Hartley attended the event in my absence to help plant the tree and do a reading in Church. Since the last AGM in May 2018, there have been 25 further planning applications covering the village: Work to trees: 13, Full planning: 9, Outline planning: 1, Discharge of conditions: 1, Variation to previous applications: 1, One appeal was turned down (the carport for 3 Ailesbury Cottages), One controversial planning application has been approved with conditions – the demolition of garages and building of 2 properties in Saxon Rise. The Chairman then answered questions from those present. 2. Summary of the Council’s financial performance for the year ended 31 March 2019. The Clerk presented the following summary: The Parish Council’s financial reserves for FY 18/19 at £37,471 were £6,276 higher than last year which was mainly due to the £4k budgeted for the Village Gates and £1890 was received in grants. The Council is aware that this is the third year running that the £4K has gone unspent however the Village Gates are due to be installed in late May 2019. Moreover it intends to spend £8K on a fitness trail project in this FY circa £2K on Speed Indicator Devices. The total expenditure was £21,406 against a budget of £33,366 mainly due the 4K already mentioned, unspent £2K earmarked for a speed reduction programme, 2K reduction in maintenance fees plus a series of other lesser undespends. Income was £27682 against a budget £25,347. Furthermore, reserves now stand at £37471 against £31,195 for FY 17/18 of which £4K is earmarked for spending on a Village Entry Gates Project in FY 19/20 with another £8K earmarked for other projects in FY 19/20 or FY 20/21. It is again the Parish Council's intention to consider formally setting reserves level at 100% of the Precept i.e. £22,074 to be reviewed annually at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council taking into account any future projects. There were no questions from those present. 3. Head Teacher's Report from Collingbourne C E Primary School. C Malley presented the following report on behalf of the Head Teacher. Last year this report detailed several significant changes that had taken place at Collingbourne School. These included a change in Headteacher, a new Chair of Governors and a restructuring of the school’s senior leadership team. These changes helped the school to address several key areas that required improvement and the school has made excellent progress in the past 18 months. That progress is evident in the end of year results which are as follows: Results across the school for the 2018 academic year are excellent and deserved reward for the hard work of the staff and children. Involvement from the local community has been a key part of our recent success. The school has welcomed 3 new governors into the school team and we now boast a strong governing body that both challenges and supports the school in an effective and robust manner. In times of austerity our school PTA is invaluable. The wonderful ‘Glitterball’ raised over £6000- an incredible achievement for a school of our size. We are now preparing our next fundraising event: the ‘Collingbourne Canter’. This is a fun run around the village on the 8 th June. If you’d like to dig out your trainers and take part, the link is here… https://www.evententry.co.uk/collingbourne-canter-5k-and-fun-run We have also established further links within our local community. Our children now regularly visit their friends at the local care home with both children and grown-ups enjoying these meetings! It’s also fantastic to see many volunteers helping at school: we have an army of reading volunteers who play a key part in ensuring our children have a love of reading. Whilst results in English and Maths have risen considerably this has not been at the detriment to other areas of our curriculum. The children have enjoyed some brilliant topic learning including Saxon cooking over an open fire, trips to watch ‘Horrible Histories’ at the theatre and a visit to the American Museum in Bath. The school has increased participation in sport. Children compete in both intra and inter school sporting tournaments including football, hockey, netball, rugby and cricket. Our netball team have done especially well to reach the County Finals. We now look forward to an exciting summer term that includes a trip to the Isle of Wight for years 5 and 6, Shakespeare week for the whole school and much much more! The Headteacher then answered questions from those present and The Chairman then thanked the Head Teacher for his report. 4. Report from Wiltshire Cllr Blair-Pilling. Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling reported the following: I have very much enjoyed my second year working on your behalf and have managed to address or am working on all the issues you or various individuals have raised: planning, roads, waste management, social care, traffic calming, flood risk, housing, enforcement, footpaths, community grants etc. Wiltshire Council continues to successfully manage its rising commitments while maintaining key services such as our buses and libraries in an increasingly challenging financial climate. The coming year will be the first with no annual grant from Westminster. Meanwhile, the Council continues to invest in improving our facilities with opening of the new Pewsey Leisure Centre being particularly well received. Perhaps the most significant issue this year that directly impinges on us has been the boundary review. We now know we shall retain 98 councillors, but rising population with a shift towards the urban centres requires significant changes to actual boundaries. We have yet to receive the final judgement, but it appears that our Ward will be split up into what I believe is a far more logical community centred arrangement that will take effect in May 2021. I thank and congratulate you and all the volunteers who work tirelessly in our communities. Wiltshire Council recognises that it must increasingly focus on its statutory responsibilities while helping to empower local communities to take greater responsibility for themselves. I strongly believe that this is a win win strategy as community decisions and actions are better and appreciated more by both the community and the contributing participants. Alongside this I would encourage you to take a full part in the range of Tidworth Community Area meetings that enable you to engage with the relevant agents such as the Health and Well Being Group, the Neighbourhood Tasking Group (Police), the Community Area Transport Group and the now semi-annual Tidworth Community Area Partnership. This need only be a single representative and can reap dividends in local decision making and priorities. In the immediate future I hope many of you will join the ‘Paths for All’ project, which I am sponsoring. It aims to improve access to and widen the use of the network of byways in the Tidworth Area. The launch workshop will be in Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall on Wed 15 th May at 7pm and will use the first hour of the scheduled Tidworth Area Board. Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling then answered questions from those present and The Chairman then thanked Wilts Cllr Blair-Pilling for his report. 5. Report from Wiltshire Constabulary. PCSO A Jones presented the following report: Collingbourne Ducis Crimes 25/05/2018. Suspicious circumstances - x2 males were seen with Lurcher dogs on land which mayhave been involved with Hare Coursing - No damage was caused, and intelligence was submitted. 02/07/2018 RTC - x1 vehicle RTC involving a lorry. No further action. 01/03/2018 Theft - Theft of a high valve bicycle. Suspect identified but cannot be traced, crime is finalised pending further action. 09/08/2018. Criminal damage - Suspect drove into another vehicle causing damage. Suspect accepted responsibility and paid for repair. 31/08/2018. Theft - Suspect is withholding items. Item’s returned. No further action. 31/10/2018. Burglary - Unknown suspects have accessed a property from the rear and whilst inside stolen items. No suspects identified. No further action. 31/10/2018. ASB - Fireworks set off near horses. Suspect identified, words of advice given. 02/11/2018. Burglary - Unknown suspects have gained entrance to a property. A messy search has been carried out. Unknown if items have been taken. No suspect identified, no further enquiries. 04/11/2018. Criminal damage - Unknown youths have caused damage to village hall. Damage cost unknown. No suspect identified. No further enquiries. 03/12/2018. Burglary - Unknown suspects have gained entry to a garage. No damaged caused or items stolen. No suspects detected. No further enquiries. 09/12/2018. Theft - Lead has been stolen from Public House. No suspects identified. No further enquiries. 10/12/2018. Criminal damage - Unknown males have entered a derelict building. Plumbing and pipework have been damaged and copper and lead has been stripped. No suspect identified, no further enquiries. 16/12/2018. Criminal damage - Fencing leading into farmland had been cut and a vehicle driven across land. Suspects identified. 31/01/2019. Vehicle crime - Driver found not to have a valid certificate of insurance. Vehicle seized, driver was reported for no insurance and a fixed penalty ticket issued. 09/03/2019. Vehicle crime - Unknown suspect(s) have opened the side door of a vehicle and taken items. No suspects identified, no further enquiries. 06/04/2019. Theft - x3 males have got out of a vehicle which is towing a trailer and have loaded items from a garden onto the trailer and driven off. No suspects identified, No further enquiries. 12/04/2019. Burglary - Unknown suspect(s) have broken into the cricket Shed. Padlocks have been removed an untidy search has been made, nothing removed. No suspects identified. No further action. 21/04/2018. Theft - Unknown suspect(s) have gone into the changing rooms and taken items from clothes. No suspects identified, no further action. 29/04/2019. Theft - Unknown suspect(s) have reversed a van into the entrance of property, items taken. Investigation ongoing Target Patrols Community Speedwatch. Amesbury and Salisbury have now combined this priority and actively engage both in company with and independently of CSW teams. Communities have reported back positively with regard to the visible police presence this affords them and this activity will continue across the South. Your local officers: Pcso Amy Jones Pcso Jon Akehurst Pc Lucy Wileman New CPT Inspector and Deputy We are pleased to announce, that following a review of the geographic area of responsibility and number of staff that Sgt Hutchings and Insp Sparrow have had to manage day to day, the decision has been made to provide a further Inspector and Deputy Post with geographic responsibility for the Amesbury Area, including Tidworth and Ludgershall. This change will allow them to focus much more on the individual CPT areas that they manage, which in turn will provide for greater efficiency and allow more contact time with our staff and the community. All being well, in early June, Inspector Liz Coles will join us from her previous role as Staff Officer to the Chief Constable where she has served for nearly two years. Liz is a career detective, with her previous post being within the Major Crime Investigation team and she will bring significant strengths to the post. Detective Sergeant Lucy Thorne will be joining us from Salisbury CID in the Deputy position and we very much look forward to their arrival. New Community Coordinator. Along with Liz and Lucy, we also have a new Community Coordinator joining the team in Amesbury. PC Richard Salter will shortly be taking up the post covering the South East Area. He will be expected to form and maintain close links with the growing Military community for the area. Richard is a career uniform Police Constable with many strings to his bow, including being an expert in Wildlife and Rural Crime. Independent Advisory Group (IAG). We recently held our first IAG this year at Amesbury Police Station. The IAG for the South of the County sits roughly 4 times a year. This group is made up of members of the public from a diverse background to assist us as an organisation with advice from the ground on certain aspects of our work. IAG’s are a ‘critical friend’ of the police whereby ideas are floated to or from the group for discussion. This could be about how we might have handled a given situation or indeed discussion around something that organisationally we are thinking of introducing whereby we seek that critical cross dimensional viewpoint on the proposal. For example, Spit Hoods have now been introduced to Wiltshire Police officers for operational use following IAG consultation. Our next local IAG meeting is planned for 2019. If you would like to be considered for joining this group, there is a formal application process and the numbers are limited but please get in touch. Operation Artemis. This is the ongoing rural crime operation overseen by the Rural Crime Team for the county. They will arrange for specific patrols during the course of the year in cooperation with and supported by the farming community with a view to tackling, deterring and detecting overnight rural crimes. Further operations are being planned for coming months; however we are pleased to report that there has been a lull in reported poaching activity over the last couple of months in the South. PCSO Jones then answered questions from those present and The Chairman thanked PCSO Jones for her report and for the police support that is provided to the village. 6. Report from the Collingbournes Chute & Everleigh Link Scheme. Mr G Hooper Chairman Collingbournes, Chute and Everleigh LINK Scheme presented the following report by email: Our Link Scheme continues to serve your parish and I hope you are all satisfied with this Good Neighbour service. Link continues to accept new drivers from all of our parishes, and it is these good-hearted people who make the whole venture possible. Being a Link Driver and helping one's fellow villagers is also one of the most rewarding occupations, and enables us to meet such interesting people. It is to be thoroughly recommended, and we welcome new members with open arms. We look forward to supporting the people of Collingbourne Ducis through the coming year.The Chairman thanked Mr Hooper for his report. 7. Report and Statement of Accounts from Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall Trust. Mr D Paterson Chairman of the Collingbourne Ducis Village Trust reported by email that the Village Hall continues to flourish in all ways, financially, socially, educationally, sporting and as an asset to the community. This has not happened this year without a number of issues and problems. I am indebted to the Management Committee for their tireless efforts in helping me sort these out. I would particularly like to mention Ken Millard, the former Parish Council representative, who provided invaluable service to the Hall. The link and communication between the hall and the Council is of vital importance. A magnificent example of this was the World War 1 Armistice Commemoration. The three villages and the village Hall worked closely together to provide a truly memorable event attended by hundreds of villagers of all ages. We experienced our first case of serious vandalism in November. Following a “Party”, deliberate damage, breakages, anti-social behaviour, and general nuisance occurred, this has caused us a great deal of additional work and expense. It is still to be resolved. In the middle of winter the oil boiler decided it was time for a major leak. This meant that a new boiler had to be ordered and installed. Nevertheless, we managed to keep the Hall open and operating, using emergency heating. Our development Plan is largely centred around the planning and construction of a large storage extension. Three architects have drawn up plans, we are now selecting the preferred choice. The re-decoration programme will continue with the toilet area. We are hoping to install an improved CCTV system with grant aid. The financial state of the Village Hall Trust is clearly shown in the statement of accounts which have been circulated to the Cllrs prior to the meeting and the Trust in well positioned to be able to repay the £25K PBW loan which is due for repayment in 2024. We continue to operate very successfully, and in spite of the unexpected expenses this year, I am certain this will be maintained, enabling us to provide an invaluable service to the community. The Chairman thanked Mr Paterson for his report. 8. Written Resolutions. There being no resolutions to consider the Chairman thanked the speakers and those in attendance and closed the meeting at 7.45.pm Signed…......................................... P Knowlson Date......................
Collingbourne 2017 Collingbourne 2018 Change Reading 47% 73% + 26% Writing 65% 91% + 26% Maths 71% 82% + 11%