MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL HELD ON THURSDAY 9 MAY 2019 Present: Cllrs P Knowlson (Chairman), P Hartley (Vice Chairman) L Gomes, K Cockerton, T Greenwood, D Dennis and Cllr K Cockerton. In Attendance: Mr P Gill (Clerk). 1. 01.19 Election of the Chairman of the Parish Council: There being no other nominations Cllr Knowlson was elected. Proposed by Cllr Hartley seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Cllr Knowlson then signed the Declaration of Chairman's Acceptance of Office after which the Clerk reminded Cllr Knowlson of the need to re-confirm his reregister of interests with Wilts Council. 2. Apologies: R Haverson Absent: None 3. 02.19 Election of the Vice Chairman: There being no other nominations Cllr Hartley was elected. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con 4. 03.19 Minutes of last meeting held on 14 March 2019 After minor amendment the minutes were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Cockerton seconded by Cllr Gomes Agreed nem con 04.19 Matters arising: None that do not appear on the agenda 5. 05.19 Adoption of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations: The previously circulated Standing Orders and Financial Regulations as displayed on the Council’s website were adopted. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Gomes. Agreed nem con Action: Clerk 6. 06.19 Appointment of Committee Members. Having considered these appointments the Members agreed that all Members be on the Planning Committee and the Finance & Property Committees. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Hartley Agreed nem con. 7. 07.19 Election of Committee Chairmen. Cllr Gomes was elected as the Planning Chair; Cllr Knowlson was elected as the Chair of the Property Committee; Cllr Dennis was elected as the Chair of the Finance Committee. Proposed by Cllr Hartley seconded by Cllr Knowlson. Agreed nem con 8. 08.19 Appointment of Representatives: Member for Highway matters: Cllr Dennis supported by Cllr Greenwood Member for Paths and Rights of Way: Cllr Dennis. Member for Police Liaison: Cllr Cockerton Representative to Village Hall Management Committee: Cllr Greenwood Representative to Tidworth Area Board & TCAP: Cllr Knowlson. Representative to Community Emergency Committee: Cllr Greenwood. Military Liaison Representative: Cllr Hartley. Member for Website & IT matters: Cllr K Cockerton supported by Cllr Gomes. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Greenwood. Agreed nem con Action: Cllrs were requested to make contact with their respective bodies ASAP with a view to finding out dates of meetings etc. Councillor 9. 09.19 Disclosure(s) of Interests and granting of dispensations: None declared. However, the Clerk reminded Cllr Gomes that she should register that she is a Trustee of the Village Hall Trust. 10. 10.19 Adjournment for public comments/questions: 8.20pm. No questions asked. Meeting reconvened at 8.21pm 11. 11.19 Finance Report. 11.19.1 The Clerk presented the Income and Expenditure report for April along with Bank Reconciliations produced from the accounts package and the latest bank statements which the Members noted. 11.19.2 Internal Audit. Having reviewed the effectiveness of the internal audit in line with the guidance set out in the “Practitioners’ Guide” and the report from the Internal Auditor the Members considered the internal audit to be effective and accepted the Internal Auditor’s Report for FY 18/19. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson and seconded by Cllr Dennis. Agreed nem con 11.19.3 Statement of Assurance: Having considered the Statement of Assurance the members agreed to approve the statement for FY 18/19. Proposed by Cllr Greenwood seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con. 11.19.4 Annual Statement of Accounts: Having considered the Annual Statement of Accounts for FY 18/19 Members agreed to approve them. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Gomes Agreed nem con. 11.19.5 Internal Auditor. Cllrs agreed to appoint Mr M Cox as the Internal Auditor for FY 19/20. Proposed by Cllr Dennis and seconded by Cllr Gomes Agreed nem con Action: Clerk Risk Assessment & Insurance Levels: Members reviewed the risk assessment and insurance levels for FY 19/120 and agreed that they were appropriate. Action: Clerk Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Knowlson Agreed nem con Confirm Cheque Signatories. Having considered which Cllrs were to be signatories on the bank accounts Cllrs agreed that Cllrs, Dennis, Greenwood, Knowlson, Haverson, Gomes were to be the authorised signatories on the bank accounts and that Cllr Millard was to be removed. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded Cllr Hartley Agreed nem con Action: Clerk Reserves. Having considered setting the reserves for FY 19/20 Cllrs agreed to set the minimum reserves level at 100% of the Precept for FY 18/19 i.e. £22,073.65 Proposed by Cllr Hartley seconded by Cllr Gomes. Agreed nem con The following Bills and cheques were presented and authorised for payment: DD BS 15 (PBWL Loan Interest £1328.13) 1 Apr 19 1750 P Knowlson (Litter Tools 20 Mar 19) £75.80 (VAT £12.63) 1752 Idverde Ltd (Grounds Maintenance 31 Mar 19) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) 1753 WALC (Annual Subs 1 Apr 19) £340.12 (VAT £56.69) 1754 P Gill (Stamps & Stationery 16 Apr 19) £24.96 (VAT £0.50) 1755 P Gill (Wilts Council Green Bin 25 Apr 19) £50.00 1756 Mr P Gill (Salary & Expenses 26 Apr 19) £390.47 1757 HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE& NI 26 Apr 19) £97.60 1758 Idverde Ltd (Grounds Maintenance 30 Apr 19) £527.60 (VAT £87.93) Proposed by Cllr Dennis seconded by Cllr Gomes Agreed nem con. Precept. Cllrs noted the receipt of 1st payment of Precept and Precept Grant totalling £11,036.83 VAT. Members noted the receipt of reclaim for FY 18/19 to a value of £1,922.25 Projects for FY 19/20. Cllr Hartley reported that as directed he had whittled down the available options to a preferred bidder of Fresh Air Fitness as previously indicated by the Council , I met with their Rep at the Recreation Ground Thu 18 Apr. Whilst there, they confirmed that they would be able to install the 6 pieces that we have requested in the hard standing area, (including the swapping of two pieces to make it more accessible and varied) at no extra cost. The quote for this is equipment and installation is £6,500 +VAT. This combined with the quote from IDVERDE (£950 +VAT) for tree felling and graffiti removal and any associated paint costs for the shed (no more than £500 + VAT) will represent the totality of the project costs. Bottom line is this still sits in the £8000 +VAT figure initially envisaged. The above said, I continue to explore additional funding streams to reduce the amount the Council will have to spend. In terms of installation dates, Fresh Air Fitness are flexible and could meet a July timeline however the additional funding stream may not be in place by that time and I now ask that Cllrs decide whether to delay until the additional funding streams are in place or to authorise the installation of the equipment to meet the July timeline. Having considered Cllr Hartley's report and discussed it in detail Cllrs agreed to accept the £6,500 + VAT quote, the £950.00 + VAT quote and the £500.00 +VAT associated paint costs for the shed and authorised Cllr Hartley to now take the project forward at best speed in order to meet the July installation timeline. Proposed by Cllr Knowlson seconded by Cllr Greenwood Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Hartley Grants. No grant requests received. 12. 12.19 Planning Report: 19/02991/TCA. Cut Down 2 Holly Trees & 2 Robinia at Highfield House, Sunton. 19/02983/TCA. Reduce Yew Tree by 30% at The Hermitage, Church Street. 19/02261/TCA Apple tree - crown reduce 1m all round at Rectory Cottage, Church Street, having previously considered the applications the Cllrs raised no comments or objections. 19/03493/TCA. Reduce 2 Silver Maples at Old Lime Farm, High Street. 19/03959/TCA - Fell Ash Tree at 99 Sunton. having considered the applications the Cllrs raised no comments or objections. Proposed by Cllr Gomes seconded by Cllr Dennis. Agreed nem con Action: Cllr Gomes 13. 13.19 Property Report: Communal and Play Area Safety Inspections. Cllr Knowlson reported that although no inspection report had been received from the contractor for this month the only issue he was aware of was the disrepair of two benches. Cllr Knowlson agreed to contact the Men's Shed with regard to getting the benches repaired. Action: Cllr Knowlson Work to install safety Surface at the Knapp Play Area. Cllr Knowlson reported that in his view this should work be provisionally added to the list of projects for FY 20/21 and that in the meantime Cllrs Hartley and Denis engage with the residents of the Knapp to see if this is something that they would wish to see happen. Cllrs Hartley &Denis agreed to conduct the engagement and speak to Sarsen Housing about cost sharing and to report back to the Council at the next meeting. Action: Cllrs Hartley & Dennis. Self- help Repairs and Spring Clean. Cllr Knowlson reported that he had now drawn up a list of tasks which he hoped to get completed in the very near future with help from around the village. Action: Cllr Knowlson Defibrillator. Cllr Knowlson reported that Sarsen Energy had agreed to have the defibrillator installed on their outside wall in Cadley Road and that they would cover the installation costs.. Cllrs thanked Sarsen Energy for this kind gesture. Action: Cllr Knowlson War Memorial. Cllr Dennis reported that he had allowed this matter to slip and that he would now take it forward as a matter of urgency in order that the repairs are complete in time for Remembrance Sunday. Action: Cllr Dennis 14. 14.19 Highway Matters. Village Gates. Cllr Knowlson reported that the installation of the gates was planned to start on 27 May 19. After a discussion regarding who would own the gates once installed Cllr Knowlson agreed to contact Wilts Council to clarify ownership, ongoing maintenance and insurance cover. Action: Cllr Knowlson. Speed Indicator Devices (SID). Cllr Dennis that he had sent a link https://www.elancity.co.uk/evolis-radar-speed-sign/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIivzC0PeO4gIVxxXTCh21dAVcEAAYASAAEgKsU_D_BwE to Cllrs just before the meeting . He asked Cllrs to view the equipment and power options and to let him have their views as soon as possible in order that he can source at least 3 quotes for consideration at the next meeting. Moreover, Cllr Hartley reported that he has written to Wilts Council to seek clear direction on the installation of SIDs in the county. Action: All Cllrs Parish Steward Scheme. Cllr Cockerton reported that the Parish Steward had completed three major tasks to a high standard on his last visit. He informed Cllrs that there would be no visit in May as the Steward would be tasked centrally by Wilts Council. Consultation of the Proposed Speed and Weight Limits. Given the lack of support from other Councils Cllrs agreed to take no further action at this time. Cadley Road Traffic Calming. Cllr Knowlson reported that that CATG had agreed to the conducting of a survey of Cadley Road by Wilts County in order that they could present a design and costings for a "virtual footpath" to the next CATG meeting on 29 July. Action: Cllr Knowlson 15. 15.19 General Matters: Litter Pick Sat 6 Apr 19. Cllr Knowlson reported that the litter pick had been supported by 30 villagers and that a large amount of litter had been picked up. He thanked everyone who supported the event and indicated that he is looking to conduct another pick in the autumn. Xmas Big Brunch. Cllrs Gomes & Cockerton reported that as the Village hall had been booked for Sun 15 Dec they can now look to book the Burger Van and entertainers etc. Action: Cllrs Gomes & Cockerton. Complaints. No complaints received. 16. 16.19 CO-OPTION. No applications received. 17. 17.19 Date and location of next meeting. The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 4th July 2019 at 7.00 pm at Collingbourne Village Hall. The meeting closed at 21.25.pm Signed: Chairman: Date: